There’s a saying in Brazil, “Brazil is the country of the future…and it always will be.” The Brazilian people have long been told by both their leaders and by leaders around the world that they are a country on the verge of power and greatness, but something always seemed to postpone this promising future.

Well, the future has finally arrived, and here are  10 reasons we American’s ought to take notice of Brazil:

  1. Brazil is as large as the continental United states
  2. Brazil is the “B” in the so called “BRIC” countries: rapidly developing countries that are shaping the economic landscape in the 21st century.
  3. Brazil is the the sixth largest economy in the world
  4. The US is Brazil’s second largest trading partner
  5. Many so called “American” companies, are now owned by Brazilian companies (like Burger King and Budweiser)
  6. Brazil produces more ethanol than anywhere else in the world.  Most of their cars can run both on ethanol and regular gas.
  7. Huge oil deposits have just be discovered of the coast of Brazil, promising to change the energy outlook in the America’s for decades to come.
  8. The Budget of the US Embassy in Brazil has been growing while budgets of other embassies around the world have been shrinking.
  9. Today there are 9,000 Brazilians studying in the US.  Within 10 years, Brazil’s goal is to have 50,000.
  10. The Rio+20 conference, a UN international event for sustainable development, begins next weekend.


And now for some intriguing facts and mythbusting…
  1. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.  Not Spanish.  Not “Brazilian.”
  2. In 2014 Brazil will host the FIFA world cup and in 2016 they will host the Olympics.
  3. In the 1800’s, the Portuguese Royal Family fled Napoleon and governed from Brazil.
  4. After the American Civil War, many confederates fled the US and settled in Brazil.  There’s even a town here called “Americana”
  5. Their Capitol city, Brazilia, was moved from Rio in the mid 1950’s and rebuilt in it’s now more central location in only 5 years.  “50 years is 5,” so the saying goes.
  6. Brazil has the largest population of African descendants outside of Nigeria.
  7. Brazil has the largest population of Japaneses outside of Japan.
  8. Though the slave trade was the largest in the world (only abolished in the late 1800’s) there was no period of legally imposed segregation in Brazil.
  9. In the late 80’s, Brazil performed one of the greatest “freakonomics” feats when they replaced their inflated currency the Cruzeiros with the “Real” and stabilized their currency almost overnight.
  10. Behind the US, Brazil has the second most facebook users in the world.

Brazil is the new kid in town.  Isn’t it time you friended Brazil?